The Chronicles announcement Feb 2023

MATRIXFREEDOM Building A Freedom Community Against All Odds

A brief history of why I set up MATRIXFREEDOM

Following the FSA/FCA destruction of 7 of my ventures from 2008 to 2018 via mafia tactics to cover up £80 billion of asset stripping during the dash for cash period of the banks, and framing me for £400m of it, the ruination of my reputation via fake media, the FCA frustration of 7 money management licences I applied for after they ruined my 25 year business worth £120m at its peak, the rigged RDC hearings, Upper Tribunal and High Court cases against the FCA and Lloyds (and others) that I attempted without lawyers. Multiple associated High Court cases (me as the claimant) in Bermuda, London and Ireland (all won by me without lawyers)

2018, I sold my remaining assets to keep my staff employed; the FCA had destroyed all income streams. I ran out of money and energy
2019, I studied the mortgage problem and concluded the best solution to solve it was via indemnity claims at HM Land Registry. Every mortgage is based on fraud and should be removed from the register under the indemnity scheme. So I raised some money and launched Mortgagefree. I built the systems required via recruiting an IT team, recruited CS Insight (Matt Fanthom) to provide sales and administration services and recruited a claims management firm to give it credibility and collect the mortgage DSARs
2020, the FCA attacked the claims management firm (part of the ongoing vendetta against me). The claims firm was forced by the FCA to resign.

2020, I recruited Andy Jackman as head of technical; Andy was introduced to me at a Simon Goldberg seminar in 2019; Andy and Simon provided representations (and fake evidence) to me that their private law processes of mortgage and debt discharge had a track record

2020, I built Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve based on the Andy and Simon processes

2021, I discovered that Matt Fanthom was stealing from his CS Insight staff and me. I offered Matt the opportunity to atone for his sins to his staff and me, but Matt refused. I cancelled my contract with CS Insight and offered to employ Matt and his staff under one of my companies, but Matt declined. This left me with no sales and fulfilment staff and many of Matt's staff believing Matt's fake story that I was the bad guy. I recruited one of Matt’s right-hand resources as operations manager. Most of Matt's staff followed and transferred their employment contracts to my company

2022, I discovered that the representations provided by Andy Jackman and Simon Goldberg were fake; neither the mortgage nor credit discharge processes had a reliable track record, and the processes were improbable to work at scale

2022, I resumed my research into credit creation and developed the MATRIXFREEDOM financial abundance plan (Secured Party Creditor (SPC) + Private Non-Statutory Trust (PNST) and Creditor Tax Rebates (CTR)) and the independent autonomous infrastructure freedom plan via the MM member and vendor community

2022, I removed Mortgagefree, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve processes and replaced them with the MATRIXFREEDOM financial abundance plan. I offered all former Mortgagefree, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve customers a free upgrade to the MATRIXFREEDOM financial abundance plan

2022, my operations manager and some other senior managers frustrated my communications to staff, members and affiliates regarding the withdrawal of Mortgagefree, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve and my offer of an upgrade to the MATRIXFREEDOM financial abundance plan range

2022, members of my senior team recruited many staff members to boycott my plans and plotted a coup to remove me as the head honcho, as much as I tried they didn’t understand what I was replacing Mortgagefree, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve with the MATRIXFREEDOM financial abundance plan. Following a staff walk out I removed two members of the senior team and other staff that were just not the right fit and not on my wavelength

2022, I carried out an A-to-Z review of the organisation, wrote a comprehensive transformation plan and published it internally. In a nutshell, the plan broke down the key functions of the operation into, project management, IT development, prospect attraction, prospect conversion, fulfilment, risk management, finance, performance coaching, training etc, I appointed individual senior managers to drive each of the functions. My transformation plan was gradually accepted by the senior team

2022, I wrote a series of announcements outlining the MATRIXFREEDOM financial abundance plan and why it had replaced Mortgagefree, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve and sent them to members. I offered a free upgrade to all existing paid members from Mortgagefree, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve to the MATRIXFREEDOM financial abundance plan. I introduced a monthly ask Iain Q&A webinar for members to pose their questions to me. I created a six-part webinar series and made it mandatory for members to pass an accreditation before they proceeded to become Secured Party Creditors (SPC), I introduced this to create knowledgeable members that would comprehend the SPC status and avoid risk of joinder between the living (you) and the CQV trust citizen (you)

2022, Simon Goldberg, Matt Fanthom and Simone Marshall set up EmpowerThePeople as a competitor to MATRIXFREEDOM (Matt and Simone were former employees) Simon heads up YouAndYourCash also a competitor to MATRIXFREEDOM. The evidence suggests that Matt hacked my Teams’ communication system (Matt had managed to retain passwords and appeared to have a spy in my camp). Simon and Simone, via their fanatical following built up over many years and via a structured social media set about to undermine MATRIXFREEDOM via a series of defamatory misinformation YouTube videos, a private Facebook account, a website, group emails, WhatsApp groups and Telegram channels and a fake crowd fund that promoted a legal case against me. The campaign (if it succeeds which it won’t) undermines the interests of our satisfied members as they can only get the outcome they want and need if MATRIXFREEDOM remains operational. I removed Simon’s YouTube videos and website under libel and copyright claims. Simon and Simone fell out with Matt and Matt setup a competitor MFS – PMA. Simon and Simone relaunched their website via another host in the Behamas and disguised its owner. The Facebook account remains

2022, Matt set up a campaign to poach my staff by direct approaches including waiting outside my offices to pitch staff to join with him at MFS – PMA

Dec 2022, because of Simon and Simone’s misinformation campaign, a small percentage of the MATRIXFREEDOM members raised alleged fraud and money laundering complaints to their banks to get a refund of the fees they paid for either Mortgagefree, Natural Justice and Sovereign Reserve processes. Members are not entitled to refunds as they self-direct their fulfilment process and were not provided with any warranties from my affiliated fulfilment companies. Disappointingly for our satisfied MATRIXFREEDOM members banks don’t look into the merits of this type of complaint and most of my affiliated company bank accounts and merchant payment platforms for BACS, debit and credit card payments were suspended or cancelled. New fee income is vitally important for MATRIXFREEDOM to deliver the financial abundance solutions and freedom plan because until there is creditor tax filing and trust administration fees MATRIXFREEDOM (via its affiliated fulfilment companies) finances its development, infrastructure, and substantial operational costs via fee income from new members (it’s like a crowdfunding model)

Jan 2023, To solve the fee collection problem, I restructured all my fulfilment companies. As a result, the company's articles now permit tax filing and trustee services. In addition, I built new websites, linked-in pages and corporate brochures and wrote a series of eBooks on Secured Party Creditor, Private Non Statutory Trusts and Creditor Tax Rebates. As a result, new MATRIXFREEDOM members who want to get started can now buy an eBook and get the fulfilment service if they become knowledge accredited. Over 20 new payment channels to collect fees via BACS, PayPal, various merchant accounts and crypto are now available

Jan 2023, feedback from our MM webinars and meetings with potential vendors is very positive, Sarah Heywood has done a great job following up with members that are very motivate to join the MM marketplace, we are planning to launch MM in Q2 2023
Jan 2023, I issued a new website takedown case against Simon and Simone’s fake MATRIXFREEDOM review website and have started libel proceedings against the originators of the liable
Jan 2023, the majority of MATRIXFREEDOM members (that comprehend what I am doing) provide rave testimonials of my financial abundance solutions and the MM freedom community solution

Jan 2023, I am introducing a transformation plan into the sales funnel, with a team restructure, a simplified 80/20 Creditor Tax Rebates focused pitch, the launch of the Greatest Secret video, four videos that explain the financial abundance and freedom plans with questions from Dr Sam White and the opportunity for prospects to attend a series of live presentations prior to proceeding with their membership fee.

Jan 2023, our head of research has filed his Creditor Tax Filings for payment recoupments and property acquisition

Jan 2023, MATRIXFREEDOM has commenced SPC filings for its accredited members, once filed we will setup Private Non Statutory trusts for members that have achieved their SPC status and will commence Creditor Tax Rebate filings

FEB 2023
Feb 2023, creditor tax filings will be filed for me, Dr Sam White for payments and property acquisitions

Feb 2023, we will launch an opportunity for our affiliates to remedy their client losses from investment schemes that went wrong, such as, mini corporate bonds, property investments, forex trading, crypto currency, pension transfers, tax avoidance schemes. We will offer affiliates an opportunity for them to invite their clients to a free webinar where I outline how the MATRIXFREEDOM financial abundance plan can remedy their clients losses

Next instalment March 2023

Recent Testimonials

TC Sussex

The dedication and passion that Iain has demonstrated over the years for Matrix Freedom is extraordinary. My confidence in his system has been rewarded with the writing off by the banks of over £30,000 of debt and I am truly grateful for this and look forward to my approval as a Secured Party Creditor in the near future.

Natalie and Ben

‘We were so grateful to come into the MATRIXFREEDOM headquarters and meet Iain in person last week. The information and detail shared was very helpful and it was clear to see just how dedicated he is to this mission. Iain has a warm approach and a very big heart. This is not simply a business or financial endeavour, this is a movement and a freedom revolution, and we really understood this during the presentation.
All the staff we met were so friendly, helpful and made us very welcome, and it was brilliant to be able to meet the lovely Simone in person too and thank her for all the work she’s doing.
It was great to connect with so many like-souled people and we are so excited to be on board with this life-changing, paradigm shifting mission.’


‘I can't tell you how important this invitation to a physical presentation was to the credibility of everything Iain is trying to do. The presentation is excellent and the opportunity for clients to see for themselves that this is all real, that the offices and the people really exist, is incredibly powerful. The importance of this meeting cannot be underestimated.’

Rikki and Jess

‘The invite email had everything we needed in there to get us to the meeting on time. It helped that we knew where we were going as we'd not long visited Leo in the office, so we were prepared.
Everyone in the team was so inviting and welcoming. That's the first point I would like to make. Leo and Paul have been an excellent source of knowledge and support and I couldn't thank them enough.
Myself and Jess found the whole morning very useful, and Iain's delivery and tone has helped this all to sink in now. The webinars have been a great starting point for our own research, but Friday really added a few layers of detail that have helped us understand (1) process, (2) the size of the problem and (3) the plan for a wider alternative community and long-term strategy that really makes us excited for the future. Understanding Iain's vision is very interesting.’


It was great to put faces to names (other than yourself and Iain).

Overall, it was a good session which gave much needed reassurance to all who attended, especially the old timers like myself and a few others.


Hi Simone, Iain and all the team
It was indeed a pleasure to meet all of you on Friday.
It was reassuring to have Iain answering many questions, and I have to admit that it increased my faith in the SPC process as a whole.
It was also very interesting to meet like minded individuals, again reassuring that I am not on this journey alone. Once again many thanks for your hospitality on the day.


I really enjoyed meeting you all recently and thanks to everyone for being so friendly.
I found Iain’s presentation extremely informative and helped build on the knowledge I’ve already acquired from various webinars I’ve attended and the Knowledge videos on the platform.
Thank you to everyone at MatrixFreedom for all the hard work and I very much look forward to working with you to push this process along.


It was lovely meeting you all.
The presentation by Iain was first class. Very educational and inspiring. This has clearly been a long haul in the face of extreme resistance from the establishment, not helped by some less than helpful individuals along the way.
I learned much from the presentation, and it was great to meet so many other like-minded souls both in the audience and amongst your people.
This has been a long journey with a steep learning curve for all of us, but it is wonderful to see and be reassured at the meeting, that we are getting much closer to achieving our goals of freedom and financial abundance. Iain’s vision of an independent community working together outside of the evil and corrupt institutions, corporations and establishment currently trying to run all our lives, is truly heroic, I salute you all. I am so glad that I came. Thank you.
If / when you plan to put on a similar event, please include me in your invitation list. Yes, it’s a long drive there and back from Somerset but definitely worth the effort.

Russell G.

Visiting the team at Matrix Freedom's HQ was a reassuring and educational experience whereby Iain's team hosted the small group of invited members very warmly.
The presentation itself was incredibly detailed with everything covered to explain the whole reason behind Matrix Freedom's mission & purpose, including HOW they are going to fulfil the SPC process.
I was fortunate enough to meet my account manager and other members of the team, so it's nice to have some faces to names. I'm sure each session moving forward will be a great success, so thanks for everything you're doing to ensure regular people are able to secure their financial futures and their families' futures.

Andreas G

When I was first introduced to Matrix Freedom I, like many, was sceptical. I've seen plenty of claims throughout the years of ways to correct your status or remove yourself from the “system.” But as you dig deeper you start to realise that Iain is both knowledgeable and consistent in His delivery. I was looking forward to visiting the HQ and was not disappointed.
Upon arrival, me and my Brother were greeted by a team of passionate people who genuinely care about the process they are fulfilling. Iain's track record presentation was excellent, concise, clear and verifiable. There wasn't a question He didn't or couldn't answer and not once did He faulter. I spent years in the Royal Courts and some of the smartest Barristers I know don't even have a basic understanding of what Iain knows. The point here isn't that Iain is smarter than anyone else (although I challenge that He is) it is that He is relentless in His pursuit for freedom. A freedom that is quickly and clinically being taken from individuals around the world under the guise of democracy. I would absolutely recommend arranging a visit to the HQ to get a feel for the people behind Matrix Freedom and to understand the why.

Meletius M

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the ‘Track Record Evidence' seminar at Matrix Freedom.
It was lovely to meet everyone I had been engaging with over the last 9 months and they were just as wonderful in person. There is a real family-feel to the company and you could feel the positive energy as soon as you walked in.
Having learnt about the SPC process for quite some time, I was skeptical to how much more knowledge Ian could instill in us over a 3 hour period.

How wrong I was!

Ian managed to engage with us on the knowledge we had already gained through the accreditation process without being so repetitive.

He then finessed that information, applied a more advanced understanding of it, and used the documents/evidence to back it all up.

I'm so happy I attended! Thank you to Ian for the Matrix Freedom and everyone who is a part of it for all of their hard work.


My head has finally stopped spinning after yesterdays Technical and Track Record session, to thank you for organizing and inviting me.

Thank you for bringing opportunities to people. Listening to Iain in person is inspiring and fills me with optimism for the future.


I just wanted to express my gratitude for being invited down to the matrix freedom offices and getting to meet Iain and the team behind the freedom solutions. There was a superb atmosphere, and you were all very friendly and approachable.

I was also very pleased to get to meet my FAM Mia and I am very happy that she is my direct contact for this stage of the process.

Phil G.

Have to say that the presentation by Iain was one of the best I've had the pleasure to attend on any subject matter.

It was concise, transparent and well delivered. Let's hope we can bring this to fruition over the coming months.


I would like to say how much I appreciated the opportunity to attend the track record viewing. The energy of the team who greeted us was fantastic, we were all made so to feel very welcome, the atmosphere was positive with ample opportunities to chat to staff and fellow matrix members while having drinks before the presentation. Iain delivered as promised and his belief in what he is doing for the betterment of those of us prepared to reclaim our sovereign rights is all too apparent to see.

It was great to meet others on the journey, including the staff members, many of whom are fulfilment account managers for us. I can only urge others who get this opportunity to seize it, for I believe it a fantastic opportunity to put any lingering doubts firmly aside.