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“Humanity has been trapped in a digital concentration camp”

Since the outset, our access to internet services, data collection and mass surveillance has enabled the global controllers to build a database profile (social score) on us all.

The controllers plan to use our social score as a way of controlling our behaviour.

Everything we do is tracked and scored, and they plan to restrict our spending and other freedoms by linking it to our social score.

Some say this is a conspiracy theory, but the evidence is irrefutable, take a look at the World Economic Forum, where the most powerful world leaders regularly come together to plot our enslavement.

You may be thinking, how will the controllers link our social score to our spending and freedom?

The answer is simple, they plan to crash the world economy by creating a fake problem, like a war, the war will crash the economy, and just like at Bretton Woods in 1944, the controllers will offer a solution via their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

CBDC will replace the FIAT currencies (£ $ etc) and we will be offered a swap of our existing currency digits in our bank accounts, pension and investments with CBDC

Now the controllers can link our spending and freedoms directly to our social score, a non-compliant score will restrict or suspend the ability to spend the CBDCs

Your spending and freedom will not be permitted unless you social score is compliant to the controllers requirements

– Iain Clifford MATRIXFREEDOM Founder
Why is this important?

There is a global agenda to replace all FIAT currencies (Pound, Dollar, Euro Yen etc) with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Many experts know (as do I) that the FIAT currency system is nearly at its end, throughout history every FIAT currency system has eventually died. George Gammon outlines why here:
The same experts predict (as do I) that CBDC will be linked to your social score. An expert on surveillance Aman Jabbi has over 25 years' experience working in Silicon Valley as an engineer primarily on camera technologies.

In the interview below he exposes extremely alarming technologies being set up in Smart Cities, including streetlights that can KILL, “The Internet of Eyes”, and how people will be forced into the Metaverse under the new Digital ID slavery system in what he calls “The Final Lockdown.
Many experts are warning that the economy will soon be crashed by a war, and the war will be used as the excuse for the demise of FIAT currency and the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

The same experts warn that CBDC will be linked to your social score as it is in China and soon in the US via Executive Order 14067, signed by President Joe Biden.

This is not a conspiracy theory, its coming unless we speak out.

If you think that Crypto Currency will offer us an alternative, think again. The Global controllers control the power, the internet and most importantly 99.99% of businesses will only accept the CBDC as they will also have to comply with a business social score.

The Bank of England and the UK Treasury have already passed CBDC

UK Parliament consultation paper on CBDC Consultation on draft legislation to support identity verification – GOV.UK (

If you don’t think this can be stopped as its too big and in so many countries you will be interested in the world’s biggest freedom community that I am building, it will offer, independent:

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Unity via community

Join our petition and stop the Digital Concentration Camp, social score and CBDC coming to the UK and if we fail join my parallel freedom community

Iain Clifford – Founder MATRIXFREEDOM