i :iain-clifford: stamp make oath and depose the following facts:

i, :iain-clifford: stamp am hereby providing you with notice that i am alive (not lost at sea) and am the appointed occupant of the office of the Executor and the office of the Beneficiary of the estate titled IAIN CLIFFORD STAMP.

A Last Will and Testament for IAIN CLIFFORD STAMP, ESTATE, was filed on Andrew Walker Dba Andrew WALKER of North London Coroner’s Court on 23.11.2023.

The Last Will and Testament confirmed by acknowledgment the appointment of :iain clifford: stamp to the office of General Executor and Chief Administrator for the Trust and all matters governing the Estate of IAIN CLIFFORD STAMP as per the intentions of the Grantor and Testator’s last will and testament filed within the North London Coroner’s Court and Recorder of Deeds.

Corpus Juris Secundum
Section 16, Page 892: FACT OF DEATH

‘Death of the person on whose estate administration is sought is a jurisdiction requisite; and while the presumption of death arising from absence may present a prima facie case sufficient to warrant a grant of administration, yet if it subsequently develops that such person was in fact alive, the administration is void. While it is true that the presumption of death arising from a person’s absence, unheard from, for a considerable length of time, see “Death Section 6”, may present a prima facie case sufficient to warrant a grant of administration on his estate, the arising of such presumption does not take the case out of the operation of the general rule on the subject, and if it is made to appear that the person was in fact alive at the time such administration was granted, the administration is absolutely void. Although, that payment to an administrator of an absentee who is not in fact dead is no defence against the absentee or his legal representative, nor are costs and disbursement incurred by such administrator a legal charge against the absentee or his property; but where the administrator has paid debts of the absentee, he is subrogated to the rights of the creditors whom he has paid. It has been considered, however, that the invalidity of the administration does not relate back, but that it is invalid only the time when the presumption of death is rebutted’

The FCA (as a corporation) any Public Official working for the FCA have no jurisdiction over IAIN CLIFFORD STAMP, Estate.

Southwark Crown Court (as a corporation) and the alleged Judge Baumgarten as a Public Official has no jurisdiction over IAIN CLIFFORD STAMP, Estate.


i, :iain-clifford: stamp, attest and affirm that the aforementioned is true and correct, attested to and submitted by The Chief Administrator / Grantor / Settlor / Creditor, :iainclifford: stamp, a living, breathing, self-aware Man, not deceased, who is also the Executor / Director / Sole Beneficiary / Sole Shareholder / Chief Executive Officer of any associated Trust, Estate, Legal Name, State (Foreign or otherwise) and/or corporation of the Legal Person known by, referred to or rendered as IAIN CLIFFORD STAMP.

i further acknowledge that this is an act of my free will and Deed to execute my acknowledgement of my acceptance of the trust/real property/Estate as well as lawful control of the real property/Estate/Corporation/Trust, be it said, be it documented done in/on/and for the record, in this lawful court of record on this 11th day of May 2024

i solemnly swear and affirm, under penalty of perjury, that the contents of this document are the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

By: Executor :iain-clifford: stamp

15th May 2024

Certificate of Service

i :iain-clifford: stamp CERTIFY the foregoing was provided by UK Special delivery mailed to:

Judge Baumgarten (Trustee)
Southwark Crown Court
1 English Grounds. Southwark

Alastair Mackenzie (Trustee)
Financial Conduct Authority
12 Endeavour Square
E20 1JN

15th May 2024

As per Section 196(4) of the Law of Property Act 1925 (LPA 1925) provides that: “Any notice shall also be sufficiently served if it is served by registered post or recorded delivery by virtue of section 1 of the Recorded Delivery Service Act 1962” Furthermore: Under section 127(4) of the Postal Services Act 2000 (PSA 2000) and PSA 2000, Sch 8 Pt II, paras 2–3.