Dr Sam White interviews Iain Clifford

In this interview Iain Clifford explains to Dr Sam White the UN Agenda 2030 and its total control plan, specifically the Social Credit System

The interview covers:

  1. The two yous
  2. Countries are bankrupt corporations
  3. Commerce is centrally controlled
  4. The living you is a creditor
  5. There is no money of substance
  6. Payments and loans/mortgages are promises to pay, they are tax payments
  7. Why creditors have a right to recoup their taxes, payments and loans/mortgages
  8. Why creditors have a right to create new currency to buy a house, a car and other goods and services
  9. How the MATRIXFREEDOM Marketplace MM aims to bring wealth and prosperity to a global network of small to medium size business battling to survive in the controlled destruction of the economy
  10. What does MATRIXFREEDOM do to make it simple to become financially abundant and step out of the Matrix to freedom