Financial Abundance Program



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Roadmap to Freedom program for Private Members of MATRIXFREEDOM.

The program offers a 100% lawful way to get out of debt and become financially abundant!

The program is unique and has a successful track record, which you can review on my Proof Webinars.

Private members enjoy these amazing benefits:

  • Payment’s recoupment from personal and business bank accounts.
  • Mortgage and loan discharge.
  • Mortgage and loan securities recoupment.
  • Asset acquisition via new currency creation.
  • Tax discharge.
  • Asset shelter via Private trust.
  • Correction of your standing and status.
You can read about how to become financially abundant in my eBooks and attend my sell-out webinar series “The Roadmap to Freedom” with absolutely no obligation.

The Roadmap to Freedom program is:

  • A game changer.
  • 100% lawful with a proven and sustainable track record.
  • Easy to implement as we facilitate each step for you.
third MATRIXFREEDOM by Iain Clifford, learn to discharge your secured loans,taxes,unsecured credit cards and loans MATRIXFREEDOM - how to get freedom from Matrix? become Mortgagefree, discharge Loans and Credits,taxes
Citizenship and status standing correction
Live in the Private realm as the creator and creditor
Discharge of your mortgage, debts and tax

Recoup your personal and business bank payments


Recoup your mortgage and loan securities


Create new currency to acquire assets


Control and shelter of your assets


Financial Abundance Program



Iain Clifford

“My three-stage financial abundance program does not require you to run a business or make investments, and it's not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Step 1, The correction of you're standing or status,

Step 2, The protection of your assets,

Step 3, The return of your credit, that's your: digital bank payments, mortgage, loans, credit card face value, and the creation of new credit to buy stuff,”

Financial Abundance Program Problems and Solutions

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2 Minutes

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8 Minutes

Problem One - The two yous

Your mother created a Strawman second you, this you is a trust known as a Cestui Qui Vie trust. The trust you is a mirror image of the living you; the trust you is the name you see on your passport, driving licence and bank card.

The problem is the trust is a corporation operating in commerce, owned and controlled by the State.

Solution One - To the two yous problem

The program corrects your standing or status and makes the real you the head honcho of your Strawman.

The solution is the trust you remains as a corporation operating in commerce; instead of the state being in control, the living you takes control as the lead creditor.

Problem Two - The illusion of ownership and reporting

The substance (allodial title) of everything you think you own, is owned by the State. Your house, business and car are all registered to the State; your Strawman only has the title, not the real equity. Your bank accounts, investments, and pensions are in the name of your Strawman, and your Strawman reports everything to the State.

The problem is the living you has no absolute ownership of the equity of your most important assets and must report to and pay taxes to the State.

Solution Two - To the illusion of ownership and reporting problem

The program puts the allodial title (tangible equity) of everything important to you into a private trust.

The solution is the living you has control of the equity of your most essential assets and does not have to report and pay taxes to the state.

Problem Three - The debtor, creditor, or source tax problem

There is no money of substance; there is only money of form. All money is debt or credit. The living you creates credit via its promises to pay. The living you is the creditor, the source and owner of the credit your Strawman uses; your Strawman is the debtor.

The problem is the credit created by the living you is pledged to the State; the State is the debtor and is using your credit; your credit is a source tax.

Solution Three - To the debtor, creditor and source tax problem

The program recoups the credit the living you created as the living you is the creditor and should not pay source tax to the debtor.

The solution, via source tax assessments, the living you recoups (claims back) the credit it created.

Meaning the credit that funded your Strawman’s digital bank payments, debit and credit card payments, and the face value of your Strawman’s mortgage/s, loans and credit cards.

Problem Four - The rat race, or hamster wheel problem

The Strawman is forced to get a job, run a business, take out debt, and pay taxes to the State to sustain your lifestyle.

The problem is the Strawman is a debtor surf to the State and has to borrow to buy important things.

Solution Four - To the rat race, or hamster wheel problem

The program enables you to create new credit and recoup it to fund your lifestyle.

The solution, via new credit creation, you can fund the acquisition of a house, a car and pay for goods and services.