Freedom Community

Freedom Via Financial Abundance and Independent Community

“Social score surveillance is coming

it will permit or deny our access to the internet, currency spending and travel

The global controllers are building a digital concentration camp

Just saying no is not enough, freedom seekers want an independent community with its own infrastructure”

Iain Clifford – MATRIXFREEDOM Founder

Unity via Community

“MATRIXFREEDOM freedom community numbers are growing at a fast pace; why?

There are three reasons:

  1. increasing numbers are waking up to the control agenda
  2. there is a realisation that the only realistic solution is to build an independent community
  3.  MATRIXFREEDOM has a simple to comprehend freedom plan with a realistic probability of success

Now is the time to exponentially increase the community numbers

and build a fortress around the community to fend off those that resonate from fear and ego”

Iain Clifford – MATRIXFREEDOM Founder

Aman Jabbi - The Final Lockdown - LED Street Lights, Smart Cities, CBDC, Digital ID - #ZeeeMedia

Maria Zeee interviewed me in October 2022. Comprehensive presentation on Digital ID, Smart Cities, Facial Recognitions etc. included

“If you're not bothered by the Digital Concentration Camp your already in and how your social score will soon be used to control your spending via Central Bank Digital Currency, and you don’t want freedom from it – stop watching now

If you want freedom from the digital concentration camp and want to be part of the world’s biggest freedom community – continue watching, this is amazing

MATRIXFREEDOM is building its freedom community separate from the states control systems

We show facilitate our members becoming financially abundant and from there they can join our freedom community

Watch The World’s Biggest Freedom Community video for more details

How Fiat Currency DESTROYS AN ECONOMY! (Shocking Insights Revealed)

Fiat currency inevitably leads to social unrest. ARE YOU PREPARED?

Since 1971 the world has been on a pure fiat currency system so we can thank fiat currency for massive inflation, asset bubbles, inequality, financializing the economy, and crippling amounts of debt. Unfortunately it doesn't stop there, with a fixed money supply tied to a commodity, as an example, we'd eliminate most of the systemic risk in the financial system today as well as most wars. Fiat currency is why the Fed has so much power and why the government has grown to a size indistinguishable from what it was even 20 years ago. A fiat monetary is at the heart of almost every problem we face in our society today. If you have any interest in the economy this is a must watch video!


In this video on why the fiat currency system will lead to a collapse in the entire house of cards I discuss the following:

1. Fiat currency vs. gold standard

2. Fiat currency leads to social unrest

3. Fiat currency end game!