January 23th, 2023


At worst, there is an imminent threat of economic collapse. At best, most experts are predicting further interest rate hikes, energy price increases, and spiralling inflation
Our paid members don’t care about this. Why?

Because they are completing the process of ‘Seven Steps to Financial Abundance’
Will you join them?


  1. Login to your free MATRIXFREEDOM platform account to gain access to our highly popular webinar series, and platform content
  2. Purchase an e-book/s, take, and pass, our foundation course
  3. Correct your status via becoming a secured party creditor (SPC)
  4. Set up a non-statutory private trust
  5. Claim your creditor tax rebates. These are equal to your last three years’ digital bank payments for ALL goods and services. These are digital payments from your bank account/s made by BACS, and debit and credit cards. They include the face value of the loans and mortgages your strawman has contracted to since you turned 18. Use your creditor tax rebates to discharge your strawman’s loans, mortgages, and taxes
  6. Claim creditor tax rebates every following year based on last year’s digital payments
  7. Create new currency to buy properties, cars, and pay for goods and services


Becoming and sustaining financial abundance is an easy choice – what do you choose?


Become an accredited member of MATRIXFREEDOM and review the track record at a private presentation made at our headquarters. Hosted by Iain Clifford

The presentation covers:
  • Evidence that proves the existence of the birth certificate exemption account
  • Evidence that proves the power of non-statutory private trusts
  • Evidence that proves creditor tax rebates
  • Evidence that proves the existence of the secured party creditor status
This video is part one of a three-part live presentation that Iain delivers exclusively to accredited members. Part 2 is: Timeline of the human tax farm. Part 3 is: The individual component track record. Members can book to attend. Members attend a presentation at the office once accredited.
All component parts, secured party creditor, non-statutory trusts, and creditor tax rebates have a proven track record


Natalie and Ben

‘We were so grateful to come into the MATRIXFREEDOM headquarters and meet Iain in person last week. The information and detail shared was very helpful and it was clear to see just how dedicated he is to this mission. Iain has a warm approach and a very big heart. This is not simply a business or financial endeavour, this is a movement and a freedom revolution, and we really understood this during the presentation.
All the staff we met were so friendly, helpful and made us very welcome, and it was brilliant to be able to meet the lovely Simone in person too and thank her for all the work she’s doing.
It was great to connect with so many like-souled people and we are so excited to be on board with this life-changing, paradigm shifting mission.’


‘I can't tell you how important this invitation to a physical presentation was to the credibility of everything Iain is trying to do. The presentation is excellent and the opportunity for clients to see for themselves that this is all real, that the offices and the people really exist, is incredibly powerful. The importance of this meeting cannot be underestimated.’

Rikki and Jess

‘The invite email had everything we needed in there to get us to the meeting on time. It helped that we knew where we were going as we'd not long visited Leo in the office, so we were prepared.
Everyone in the team was so inviting and welcoming. That's the first point I would like to make. Leo and Paul have been an excellent source of knowledge and support and I couldn't thank them enough.
Myself and Jess found the whole morning very useful, and Iain's delivery and tone has helped this all to sink in now. The webinars have been a great starting point for our own research, but Friday really added a few layers of detail that have helped us understand (1) process, (2) the size of the problem and (3) the plan for a wider alternative community and long-term strategy that really makes us excited for the future. Understanding Iain's vision is very interesting.’


It was great to put faces to names (other than yourself and Iain).

Overall, it was a good session which gave much needed reassurance to all who attended, especially the old timers like myself and a few others.


Hi Simone, Iain and all the team
It was indeed a pleasure to meet all of you on Friday.
It was reassuring to have Iain answering many questions, and I have to admit that it increased my faith in the SPC process as a whole.
It was also very interesting to meet like minded individuals, again reassuring that I am not on this journey alone. Once again many thanks for your hospitality on the day.


I really enjoyed meeting you all recently and thanks to everyone for being so friendly.
I found Iain’s presentation extremely informative and helped build on the knowledge I’ve already acquired from various webinars I’ve attended and the Knowledge videos on the platform.
Thank you to everyone at MatrixFreedom for all the hard work and I very much look forward to working with you to push this process along.


It was lovely meeting you all.
The presentation by Iain was first class. Very educational and inspiring. This has clearly been a long haul in the face of extreme resistance from the establishment, not helped by some less than helpful individuals along the way.
I learned much from the presentation, and it was great to meet so many other like-minded souls both in the audience and amongst your people.
This has been a long journey with a steep learning curve for all of us, but it is wonderful to see and be reassured at the meeting, that we are getting much closer to achieving our goals of freedom and financial abundance. Iain’s vision of an independent community working together outside of the evil and corrupt institutions, corporations and establishment currently trying to run all our lives, is truly heroic, I salute you all. I am so glad that I came. Thank you.
If / when you plan to put on a similar event, please include me in your invitation list. Yes, it’s a long drive there and back from Somerset but definitely worth the effort.


If you haven’t started your seven steps to financial abundance and want to know more about the setup of your secured party creditor status correction, non-statutory trust, and begin making your creditor tax rebates, visit the CQV Trustees website here:

CQV Trustees

Or login to your platform account here:

matrixfreedomplatform login


If you are part the way through the MortgageFree or Sovereign Reserve process, you can upgrade and complete your seven steps to financial abundance at no additional cost. Simply, follow the steps described below:


Becoming a secured party creditor (SPC) is a significant development in the MATRIXFREEDOM evolution, and a vital part of succeeding in the roadmap to freedom. This gives you access to an abundant life.
Due to the importance of the SPC process, and to avoid any risk, we would like to ensure that all our clients can demonstrate a good level of competency on what becoming a secured party creditor means, and how to avoid inadvertently creating joinder which will cause you to lose your SPC status.
Therefore, we require all clients to become knowledgeable on the key elements of becoming an SPC via a group of specific webinars. We then ask that you take a multiple-choice accreditation test, with a pass mark of 70 per cent plus.
As a paid client, we have set up a new MATRIXFREEDOM ‘client’ account for you where you can access the accreditation webinars and test. You can access this via your existing MATRIXFREEDOM account and the ‘change account login’ menu option:
  • Visit: https://matrixfreedomplatform.info/#/login
  • Select: the ‘change account login’ menu option
  • Select: ‘client’, as the role type
  • Type: your password: {Client role type password merge tag}
Here you will find: 
  • Roadmap to freedom knowledge webinars
  • SPC accreditation webinar series
  • SPC proceed form with the accreditation test
Once you have viewed and understood the webinars (watch at least 70 per cent of each webinar) please complete the proceed form and submit it.
If you do not meet the required criteria to gain accreditation, we will notify you and redirect you back to the webinar library for further review. You will be asked to take the accreditation again.
If you do meet the criteria, congratulations, you have gained SPC accreditation and you will be issued with a pass certificate. You will automatically join the waiting list to commence the SPC process. Your allocated fulfilment account manager will get in touch to explain the next steps. Our processes are very thorough and detailed, therefore, please be patient and you will be contacted as soon as possible.