Iain Clifford on Jerm Warfare with Jeremy Nell

Interview Subjects

  • What are the two yous and why is this significant
  • The world operates under bankruptcy, countries are bankrupt corporations
  • How the commerce system is centrally controlled
  • The living you is a creditor in the bankrupt system
  • There is no money of substance, the system runs on ledgers
  • Digital payments, the creation of loans/mortgages are pledges or promises to pay, all are tax payments
  • The living you is a creditor with the right to make massive past and future tax payments equal to the last 3 years payments, current and past mortgages
  • The living you has the right to create new currency and receive it back as a tax rebate, use the money to buy a house, a car and other goods and services
  • Why status correction to become a Secured Party Creditor (SPC) and holding assets in a non-statutory trust is important
  • MATRIXFREEDOM provides an education course, an accreditation and facilitates the required SPC status, tax filing and non-statutory trust services