LIVE Question and Answer session with Iain Clifford

Question and Answer session with Iain Clifford of MATRIXFREEDOM

“MATRIXFREEDOM is evolving into the world’s biggest provider of financial abundance solutions
This monthly webinar aims to answer your questions on our progress so far and the path ahead!”
Iain Clifford founder MATRIXFREEDOM

The Problem

You are probably operating as a debtor in the system, an economic surf to debt and taxes, you may have job or business uncertainties, you may be fearful of what volatility in the investment markets may do to your perceived wealth, worried about inflation, interest rate increases and other things that cause fear
You now know that your NAME is not you, it is a corporate Citizen, it’s your agent in commerce
You also know that you, the living entity (man or woman) together with other living entities are the source of 97% of the worlds credit via the issuance of Security Futures

The Solution

By combining the MATRIXFREEDOM solutions you can create a life of financial abundance.
You have a choice, live as a debtor, or live as a creditor, which do you choose
  • Recoup your last three years “payments” not from those you paid, from the system
  • Create new money to discharge your Mortgage and get your payments back
  • Create new money to discharge your unsecured credit cards and loans
  • Create new money to discharge your secured loans
  • Infinite investment returns at low risk
  • Create new money to discharge your taxes
  • Create new money to compensate you for damages caused to you by wrongdoing
  • Create infinite capital growth and income from your investment and pension portfolios
  • Convert the equity in your home into infinite income
  • Create business expansion funding and project finance with no interest or repayments

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