Announcement – 22th NOV 2022

Announcement – 22th NOV 2022


Your ongoing MATRIXFREEDOM mortgage, loan or credit process requires your urgent attention

I received feedback from some of our members that they are not receiving our communications;

If you are not receiving emails from us, it’s probably because somewhere along the way you unsubscribed from them;

We have decided to remove the unsubscribe feature for all Members that have paid a facilitation fee;

From August 2022 I have sent important announcements, a press release and held numerous Q&A webinars

MATRIXFREEDOM has evolved and offers so much more than you were expecting when you signed up

You now can take control of your commerce life, discharge your debts and taxes and prosper during the inevitable financial crisis

Become a Secured Party – Creditor (SPC) and take control of your Strawman instead of the State

As an SPC you will attain the standing necessary to operate as a creditor and money creator enabling you to achieve financial abundance without the risk of State interference

Once you have become an SPC you can:

  • Access your CQV Birth Certificate Trust to buy a house, a car and fund goods and services
  • Recoup your debt securities “loans and mortgages” not from the banks but from the system
  • Recoup your last three years “payments” not from those you paid but from the system
  • Create new money to discharge your Mortgage and get your payments back
  • Create new money to discharge your unsecured credit cards and loans
  • Create new money to discharge your secured loans
  • Create new money to discharge your taxes


Becoming a Secured Party Creditor (SPC) is a significant development in the MATRIXFREEDOM evolution and a vital part of succeeding in the Roadmap to Freedom and living an abundant life

Due to the importance of the SPC process, and to avoid any risk, we would like to ensure all our Clients can demonstrate a good level of competency on what being a Secured Party Creditor means and how to avoid inadvertently creating a joinder and losing your SPC status

Therefore we require all our clients to learn and become knowledgeable on the key elements of being an SPC via a group of specific webinars, and take a multiple choice accreditation test, with a pass mark of 70%+.

To access the accreditation webinars and test, as a paid Client, you have been set up with a brand new MATRIXFREEDOM “Client” account, which you can access via your existing MATRIXFREEDOM platform account and the “Change account login” menu option

  1. Visit: matrixfreedom platform
  2. Select: Change Account Login menu option
  3. Select “Client” as the role type
  4. Type: Your Password: { Client role type password merge tag }


Here you will find:

  • Roadmap to Freedom knowledge webinars
  • SPC Accreditation webinar series
  • SPC proceed form with the accreditation test


Once you have viewed and understood the webinars (at least 70% of each webinar needs to be watched) please complete the proceed form and submit it

In the event you do not meet the required criteria to gain accreditation, you will be notified and redirected back to the webinar library for further review, and also be allowed to take the accreditation again

If you do meet the criteria, congratulations, you have gained SPC Accreditation and you will be issued a pass certificate. You will automatically join the waiting list to have your SPC process commenced, and your allocated Fulfilment Account Manager will get in touch with the next steps. Our processes are very thorough and detailed therefore please be patient and you will be contacted as soon as possible

At MATRIXFREEDOM, our teams are continually working hard to prepare processes for this important Secured Party Creditor stage, so please be patient with us and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding SPC or accreditation, please view the accreditation webinar, or submit a question for Iain via your MATRIXFREEDOM platform for one of our Q&A Webinars.

I’m very happy to say that we have had lots of clients who have already watched the required webinars and they have taken the test and passed the 70% +score required to gain accreditation and are being reviewed and progressed to the next step.

Track Record and Evidence sessions at our Head Office

For some Clients who have already passed the Accreditation, they were also personally invited by me to attend our Track Record and Evidence Session at our Head Office where they had the opportunity to meet with me face to face and I discussed the Track record and evidence of those who are doing SPC/MST, meet our Technical Expert and the rest of our friendly staff from the Education & Support Team and the Fulfilment Team. The feedback we received was amazing. This is one of many feedbacks we have received…

“We were so grateful to come into the matrix freedom headquarters and meet Iain in person last week. The information and detail shared was very helpful and it was clear to see just how dedicated he is to this mission. Iain has a warm approach and a very big heart. This is not simply a business or financial endeavour, this is a movement and a freedom revolution and we really understood this during the presentation.

All the staff we met were so friendly, helpful and made us very welcome, and it was brilliant to be able to meet the lovely Simone in person too, and thank her for all the work she’s doing too.

It was great to connect with so many like-souled people and we are so excited to be on board with this life-changing, paradigm-shifting mission.”

I along with the rest of the team look forward to meeting you at my next invited sessions but you need to ensure that you are Accredited, so please do not delay.

To ensure you are up to date on what is happening with MATRIXFREEDOM, please see our latest announcements at announcements and the latest Q&A Webinar that I did recently too at live question and answer session with Iain Clifford