MM Marketplace

“MM a vendor and consumer marketplace with an irresistible USP


MM enables financially abundant customers with unlimited access to their birth certificate trust to buy products and services from Vendors without tapping their earnings or savings, or taking out loans to fund their purchases


MM is designed to provide a facilitated service to consumers whilst protecting small to medium size businesses from deteriorating trading conditions during the current financial crisis”

Iain Clifford, the Founder of MATRIXFREEDOM


The UN Agenda 2030 engineered global economic crisis will put many small to medium size business under increasing pressure to stay solvent as consumers will struggle to justify funding non-essential products and services



On this webinar I outline how MATRIXFREEDOM Members (Members) will use MM to buy houses, cars, products and services;

MM unique features - Members

Members don’t pay for houses, cars or goods and services from their earnings or savings they utilise their CQV trust and CVQ Trustee service to:

  • Recoup their payments and mortgage Securities
  • Create new currency via their birth certificate CQV trust
  • Use their CQV Trust abundance to fund their purchases

MM unique features - Vendors

Vendors don’t need to find consumers and compete on price; Vendors promote their products and services via their MM panel membership:

  • To abundant MATRIXFREEDOM Members
  • For one off and repeat transactions
  • With all transactions facilitated via CVQ Trustees


My Backstory

I got every financial qualification possible in the 1990s and became qualified via the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)
I used to be a top money manager and grew a nationwide financial services business via a joint venture with HBOS that lasted from 2001 to 2008
I had hundreds of staff and a nationwide network of Chartered Accountants and wealth managers distributing my financial planning programs to their clients
Then came the so-called credit crisis of 2008, and my life was turned upside down; HBOS had made me their patsy and the FSA/FCA their scapegoat to cover up a £90 billion asset grab across the top six banks
What pursued is covered in this Flipbook
I tell you this story as I know what it's like to go from one of the wealthiest men in the UK to one of the poorest
But as the poet Rumi says, “from every wound comes the light”
The system pushed me to my edge, and then I discovered how the commerce system works and realised that I had been operating as a debtor my whole life, all I had to do was start acting as a creditor, and everything changed
I want you to start operating as the creditor and get your business and personal credit back
That's your business payments
Your personal payments
The face value of your mortgages, credit cards and loans
The credit does not come back from those that you paid
The credit does not come back from those that you paid
You see, HJR 192 gave you inalienable rights to recoup your credit as you are the owner of it; all the time you do not recoup it, it's treated as abandoned property
IRS 1212 tells you how to do it
The process is called Original Issue Discount
I wrote a book about it here
Professor Richard Werner tells you how money works here
How Do Banks Create Money? A Walk-Through of Richard Werner's Papers
The Bank of England tells you how the system works here Money in the modern economy: an introduction
Read about my Financial Abundance Program here
To discover more, attend my Financial Abundance Program webinar or live presentation and see why I get so many testimonials
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