What is Old Souls Nation?

Its an independent Nation exclusively for MATRIXFREEDOM financially abundant members.

Why is it Necessary?

It provides a safe haven from controls being introduced under the UN Agenda 2030, the World Economic Forum, the WHO etc.

To provide a jurisdiction for Old Souls Nationals to live within a common law system with inalienable rights.

Why Join Old Souls Nation?

  • Common law
  • Inalienable rights as Natural Person
  • No Statutes or Acts
  • No taxes
  • Freedom of movement
  • Control of assets
  • Diplomatic immunity and passport

Independent infrastructure

  • Power
  • Water
  • Food
  • Health
  • Internet/communications
  • Currency
  • Other required infrastructure

How Does it Operate?

Old Souls Nation is a Republic, by the people for the people.

Where does Old Souls Nation Operate?

Old Souls Nation operates worldwide.

How do I join Old Souls Nation?

By becoming a member of MATRIXFREEDOM.

By becoming financially abundant via the Roadmap to Freedom.

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