New Update

MATRIXFREEDOM is proud to announce the ultimate solution to the coming economic crisis:

“From September 2022, our Private Members can become a Secured Party Creditor (SPC) and take control of their Strawman.

The SPC process corrects the status at the birth certificate registration level and enables the conversion of promises to pay (Security Futures) into new spendable money.

Most people do not realise that they already issue Security Futures that banks convert into the money that backs the loans, credit cards and mortgages their strawman contracts to; new Security Futures create even the payments they make*

The astonishing fact that the experts either don't know or don't explain is that we (if we have a National Insurance number) are money creators and creditors in the money system.

All solutions (via their parts) have a verified track record.”

Iain Clifford, founder of MATRIXFREEDOM.

Once you become an SPC, you can issue Security Futures and have them converted without interest or principal to pay back; use your new power to: