The Wake Up – One In A Million – Iain Clifford – PART 4

In the final installment of a 4 part interview series concerning the worldwide system of control Ben Hawkes from “The Wake Up” and Iain Clifford from Matrix Freedom bring it all together with a top-down look at the main actors in the global system, the creditors and debtors, the system of recoupment and how you can use the remedies on offer.
This is the third episode of a series that will look at the structures and concepts which make up the matrix financial and legal system of control in which we live.

Key Themes:

  1. Who is the Strawman?
  2. Historical Context:
  3. AJR192 and the removal of the Gold Standard.
  4. Countries as Bankrupt Corporations
  5. The Bretton Woods Agreement and the creation of the IMF
  6. Pre-Paid Credit and the right to Discharge Debts
  7. Securities Recoupment
  8. Recovery of Debt (Loans and Mortgage) securities.
  9. Solutions and remedies
  10. Who is Matrix Freedom?