Two yous

Did you know there are two yous?


The Cestui Que Vie trust strawman you, is a fictional you; a debtor, controlled by the State


The living you, the creditor, is the source of money

The State fooled you into believing that you own the name written in ALL CAPITAL letters either on your birth certificate, passport, driving licence, and bank cards
The State doesn’t tell you that they own your name, and that they use it under Crown copyright. Your name is, in fact, a State-controlled Cestui Que Vie corporate trust, often referred to as your ‘strawman’
Your strawman is treated as a permanent debtor to the State
Your strawman has no rights, only privileges
Your strawman pays for loans, credit cards, mortgages and taxes from your earnings or savings
Your strawman will never own anything and will only have the use of things like a house, a car, and land, via a certificate of title. This is never real title ownership although it appears as though it is